biennale venezia alberto antonelli 1


Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Space – Ravenna January 2002.
Council Chamber of the Municipality of RavennaDistrict of Piangipane 22nd February 2002.

When you are passionate and curious about art and its expressions, sooner or later you will be captured by its charm through the need to tell it, to imprint it in one of its highest forms. In the year when globalization explodes, the artists invited to the Venice Biennale trace the thread of their thoughts with painting, photography, installations, dance, sculptures and videos and even with a new sector dedicated to poetry. In the frame of extraordinary spaces already used in the previous edition, the representation of the world filtered by the authors’ gaze unfolds. Even in the 21st century we remain tied to the old strategy and the agreement of the artists who continue to define themselves as avant-garde artists.
They created their own consciousness in relation to the ability to transform all certainties into problems demonstrating, from the Renaissance onwards, systematically, that problems cannot be solved but that one can only learn to deal with them. This is why engineers and entrepreneurs mocked artists, considered to be troublemakers, representatives of negativism.